Dear Santa!

Dear Santa.

It looks like you forgot your cap when you took the time,

to kiss and hug a little bit with the cat.

Or did you give it to her as a blanket 

when she chose to be out on Christmas night, 

maybe looking after you?

But Santa i want you to know,

she’s now using it as a blanket,

so she’ll stay warm

when she’s resting at the end of Christmas day.

Merry Christmas to you all from Rapunzel, and everyone around her.

Our wish is that everyone gets the opportunity to feel the heat from a blanket,

a meal and a place where they are safe, and warm.

A place filled with love.

It’s everyone’s dream.

But the most important thing
is that we keep dreaming and never give up.

So let’s all dream that every sister and brother will always be well,

not only on Christmas day, but forever.


Merry Christmas with love from us.

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